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Ethics and the Social Cost of Carbon

On Oct. 3 2019 I gave a talk in the Weston Roundtable series here at UW-Madison on the interface between ethics and the social cost of carbon (SCC). You can watch it here.

At the end the talk, just before the Q&A, I self-deprecatingly said that while I am highly skeptical about the policy-relevance of any SCC value, you’d have to ask someone “who knows more than I do” about alternatives. Perhaps I should have just put my cards on the table and said that, actually, my own preferred alternative is the “near-term to net zero” approach that Noah Kaufman, Alex Barron and Haewon McJeon are developing. You can hear Noah talking about that here.

Apologies for the few times early on when I mix up my words, e.g. saying “y-axis” when I mean “x-axis” and “costs” when I mean “benefits” (and vice versa).

Bookends Tip: How to convert in-text parenthetical citations to footnote citations

(I’m posting this on my website to increase the odds that those who Google for a tip like this will find it.)

Recently I decided to start using reference manager software for a book I’m writing. (I’ve always done references manually.) After some research, I decided to purchase Bookends, which integrates better with my writing application (Scrivener) than does the free and very popular Zotero.

But a problem arose: Bookends does not have built-in ability to toggle between in-text parenthetical citations and footnote citations. (This video tells me that Zotero does this easily.) This is a feature that academics want, so they can avoid having to re-do references if they decide to submit a manuscript to a journal or publisher that’s different from their original target.

Although I write in Scrivener, Bookends will not scan a Scrivener document to convert the citation strings to proper citations. So I write in Scrivener, and then export my documents to MS Word files, which Bookends then scans. That means I can use a Word macro to perform the desired citation-converstion before the scan.

In the end, and with the kind help of Graham Mayor and (via this post)  Stefan Blom, I was able to acquire code for a Microsoft Word macro that does a pretty good job of making the in-text-to-footnote conversion.

For the details (including the macro’s code), head to this post at the Bookends forum.