Bookends Tip: How to convert in-text parenthetical citations to footnote citations

(I’m posting this on my website to increase the odds that those who Google for a tip like this will find it.)

Recently I decided to start using reference manager software for a book I’m writing. (I’ve always done references manually.) After some research, I decided to purchase Bookends, which integrates better with my writing application (Scrivener) than does the free and very popular Zotero.

But a problem arose: Bookends does not have built-in ability to toggle between in-text parenthetical citations and footnote citations. (This video tells me that Zotero does this easily.) This is a feature that academics want, so they can avoid having to re-do references if they decide to submit a manuscript to a journal or publisher that’s different from their original target.

Although I write in Scrivener, Bookends will not scan a Scrivener document to convert the citation strings to proper citations. So I write in Scrivener, and then export my documents to MS Word files, which Bookends then scans. That means I can use a Word macro to perform the desired citation-converstion before the scan.

In the end, and with the kind help of Graham Mayor and (via this post)  Stefan Blom, I was able to acquire code for a Microsoft Word macro that does a pretty good job of making the in-text-to-footnote conversion.

For the details (including the macro’s code), head to this post at the Bookends forum.

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